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Super 'Z' Cut Out Birthday Cake!

We were super excited to do this cake, not just because it's superman (and he's like the hottest, eh I mean, coolest) superhero ever! The real reason is because we had just taken this awesome Craftsy Class called "Cut Out Cakes", by Mike McCarey. 


We started with an 8" square cake which we cut and filled at an angle, each layer was flipped 180 degrees so ultimately we got a cake with a dramatic slant which we buttercreamed in preparation of the fondant layer which we added next. We created the template for the logo using photoshop & by hand, using the template we cut out the logo in fondant. Last, we covered the cake board for a finished look! 

You too can make this cake! Enroll in Cut Out Cakes online today!



November 16, 2014 by karin giamella

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