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Zombie Birthday Cake

 When Alec's mom came to us for his 9th birthday she said she wanted a monster cake. So we started showing her cute monster cakes, like this swamp monster birthday cake. Not exactly what she had in mind....zombie head birthday cake

This cake features a zombie digging his way out of a shallow grave. Behind him is a spooky tombstone!

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The zombie's head is sculpted out of vanilla sponge cake and is filled with red buttercream (of course). 

His eyes and fingers are gumpaste & we painted on the details. 

We created extra folds of skin by laying on thin strips of fondant before covering the entire cake in yellowish grey fondant. After covering the cake we went in with a (paint) brush and created texture and emphasized the creases. Next we airbrushed to add dimension. 

The cake board is covered in brown fondant with crumbled chocolate cake as the dirt. 

I have to say I'm really happy with the way this cake turned out - but the thought of eating this cake? NO WAY!!

October 07, 2012 by karin giamella

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