Ice Cream Package - Mobile Truck Party | Blue Sheep Bake Shop

The mobile truck will arrive at your party location with traditional ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, and ices as well as 6 flavors of hard ice cream and 7 toppings. Your guests will be served from our window by a minimum of 2 attendants. Party go-ers can choose either a traditional packaged ice cream bar or a cup or cone (wafer or sugar) (limit two toppings per person). Packages start at $450 for 30 guests within 10 miles of Green Brook, NJ. Contact us today to book your event at 732.667.7557 or by filling out our webform


Packaged Ice Cream

  1. chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches
  2. giant vanilla sandwich
  3. Oreo (r) bar
  4. strawberry shortcake
  5. chocolate eclair bar
  6. screwball
  7. fire cracker jr.
  8. snowcones

Hard Ice Cream

  1. chocolate chip mint
  2. vanilla
  3. chocolate
  4. cookie dough
  5. cookies and cream
  6. strawberry

 Ice Cream Toppings

  1. rainbow sprinkles
  2. chocolate sprinkles
  3. gummies
  4. chocolate syrup
  5. crunch
  6. Oreos (r)
  7. chocolate chips